Gardens in England

by Vera Gade, Sweden

I have had the good fortune to be able to visit England more than a dozen times, from early hesitating spring in April to the highlights of the autumn colouring in October. Many of these trips have been by bus in connection with the Swedish Dendrology Society excursions heading for arboreta and great parks. Others have been in my own car. Everywhere I met the kindliest of all Englishmen, the garden-lovers, and those are the greatest part of the people!

This page is made mainly with the aim to lure my Swedish garden-friends , visiting England, away from the southern counties up to the northern Midlands .

Travelling through these wide moorlands with the flowering gardens all around the edges and the snug little villages - oh Heaven - it's what it is.

Please join me in a tour in the enchanting Peak district  and look in at some of the great gardens which lay like jewels in the crown of the moor.

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Haddon Hall. Bakewell, Derbyshire



The Stumpery at Biddulph Grange

 (NT) - Staffordshire

Little Moreton Hall

(NT) - Congleton, Cheshire


Arley Hall

Cheshire - The Flower family



Derbyshire - The Cavendish Family

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