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This is the story of my technical interests.

My name is Jeppe Gade and I was born in Copenhagen 1948. I came to Sweden as an immigrant 1957 when my family moved up here because of my father’s job opportunities. He is now a retired architect.


Since I was 8 years old I have been fascinated in electronics and mechanical machines. Every time we went to my grandfather’s house in Denmark I discovered new fantastic radios and mechanical inventions on his attic. He had made these things during the Second World War and nobody remembered this until I discovered this great treasure of forgotten techniques and handicraft.

I made my first radio in that age with a germanium diode, a coil, a variable capacitor, a headset and a long wire as antenna. Everything was mounted in a cigar box I got from my father.


When I was 12 years old I created my first robot made of Mechano (a metal set made for building models), a couple of electrical motors, relays, a homemade paper tape reader with instructions of what to do made the robot moving and pick up things from the floor. The logic was designed with the principal of checking that an execution was finished and then it stepped the paper tape to read next instruction.


My underwater technical interests


And here I am today (This was 1998). I tried everything with computers, Artificial intelligence, CAD design (a lot), Designing data collection systems, Real-time programming, Embedded Computers and Controllers, C-programming, VHDL-design and so on.

But what about the submarine ??

It’s not realized yet. But I have fun.

Modell flyg

What will come on next step I don't know? Maybe I will move to an island in the Caribbean Sea or maybe Philippines (crazy idea). I’m sure that I will create that new machine someday. Today the technology has developed into that level what I really needed when I started 25 years ago. It has always inspired me to be at the edge of the high tech development.

I have now worked with base-stations for mobile radio communication and that means that I’m back to radio technology where I started in the 50’ths but now everything is computerized. I have also worked with computerized radar electronics and RF for microwave and that was a nice experience. Just now I’m interested in the tiny small wireless computer buttons ‘ZigBee’ that can create a MESH-network and interconnect very fast and use  very small energy making it possible to operate for years on a tiny battery.

1990 Jeppe Kbhvn delfoto 1989 in Copenhagen

1989_03 Jeppe grotta 50%


1989 in Philippines

By the way I have also some motor sport interests and of course photographing.

Please check the Outlaw Racing team below.

Outlaw Racing result of year 2000

The super car

De Tomaso Pantera GT-5


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